Boku Casino 2020 – why it benefits you?

We believe that responsible and fun gambling in a Boku Casino is all about having the correct information. And although getting information might sound boring – we will try to make it as exciting as possible for you. Then: What’s so special about Boku Casino 2020? How does it improve your gaming experience? A Boku Casino is including Boku pay by phone – a modern payment method setting up new standards in mobile payment. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But what exactly it means? Imagine: You head to the casino’s cashier and choose the mobile payment option. Then, you simply enter your phone number and the amount to pay – the transaction is completed in a few seconds as you confirm it by SMS. The above is also without any fees. Sounds like a fairy tale? But it’s the reality now! Boku allows you to utilise your phone bill funds without charging any fees. That’s the most significant benefit of Boku. But there is much, much more to Boku Casino 2020. Are you ready to discover everything?

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What is a Boku Casino 2020?

It is a gaming outlet including the Boku pay by phone deposit method.

Such places are usually similar to each other in one way or another.

For instance, a Boku Casino 2020 will have excellent support for mobile phones. It’s natural because such places expect a substantial number of customers to access their site from a cell-phone. Mobile apps and outstanding optimisation for mobile phones is a sure thing here.

Boku pay by phone is a UK payment method. In fact, the payment is also available in other countries. However, depositing to casinos is only doable on the British soil.

The above means a Boku Casino 2020 will include the UK Gambling Commission licensing. That means each UK player can feel free to play in a Boku Casino 2020 as it’s entirely legal. Moreover, thanks to license, the sites are reliable and trustworthy.


There’s more. Such gaming outlets are bringing more and more games to the table. And the table is big. In a good Boku Casino 2020, you will find about or more than 2000 games to play.

You can discover many types of activities. Live casino tables, virtual table games, virtual sports, video slots, Keno & Bingo, jackpots, video Poker, sports betting, and even more.

If you are interested, we cover the games topic in details later in this text!

Boku – The mobile deposit of tomorrow

We really like to praise this payment method, have you noticed?

Boku is awesome, etc., but what is it, really? Let’s get some facts in!

Boku is a large company operating worldwide. It’s a huge brand; but you probably have never heard of it, right? The thing is that Boku mainly works as an intermediary.

It provides mobile solutions to many services around the world – but it’s just an intermediary! Therefore, it doesn’t need big marketing and ad campaigns. Hence, you don’t know about it.

One of its services is Boku pay by phone deposit method you can find in a Boku Casino 2020.


Boku is proud to have access to the audience of about 5 billion customers. Isn’t it a significant number?

What’s more, the company has partnerships with the biggest brands in the world – Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, PlayStation, and more.

Why do we mention it at all in the context of Boku Casino 2020?

We want to prove that even if you might not have heard of this service, it’s entirely reliable and trustworthy.

For a Boku Casino 2020 transaction, Boku uses the Payforit scheme of payment. The Payforit is also a mobile payment coming from the cooperation of EE, 3, O2 and Vodafone brands. Since it’s prepared by the best telecommunication brands in the UK, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

What do I need to use Boku?

Be the resident of the UK, have a phone and the phone number, and you are free to join any Boku Casino 2020.

Boku is available with nearly all mobile operators. Some casinos indicate Boku won’t work only with Virgin Mobile.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you have a contract, or if you are a pay-as-you-go customer. Both options work well. In the former case, the charge will appear on your monthly bill. For pay-as-you-go customers, it will be instantly subtracted from the balance.

Advantages of Boku

Now, let’s see what’s so cool about Boku!

If you are interested in what benefits exactly you have from using Boku, read on!

It’s entirely free!

We’ve mentioned it already, but that has to be said clearly.

You don’t pay any fees with Boku. The entire amount you spend goes to your casino balance.

But wait:

Sometimes, you might see terms like Boku fee, etc. Can Boku have fees?

No. However, casinos can apply their fee to Boku.

Boku charges from the merchant, not from the customer. Some casinos might disagree with this policy, and they enforce the fee on their customers to cover the expenses.

Does that mean you will pay a fee in a Boku Casino 2020?

It depends on which website you choose. Some casinos have Boku without fees, and there are those who charge a fee for this payment.

Thankfully, it’s easy to find a good Boku Casino 2020 with no fees.

Anonymous transactions

What do you need to use Boku? Let’s mention it again:

  • Be a resident of the UK,
  • Have a phone,
  • Have a phone number.

That’s it. As you make the payment in a Boku Casino 2020, you only need to enter your mobile phone number. Nothing else.

Although the number is a detail about you, it’s impossible to trace the transaction in any way.

Important to realise; there’s no info about the type of transaction you have done. On your monthly bill, there is only the amount charged visible. No indication of Boku Casino 2020.

Boku is a fantastic method if you look for a credit/debit card alternative. We all know that gambling transactions on a bank account might not look pretty.

Boku is entirely safe

We’ve mentioned that a Boku Casino 2020 uses a cutting-edge transaction scheme from Payforit.

However, there are more security measures than just that.

What’s vital; each mobile number is under a £30 daily transaction limit. Why is it good for safety?


Many customers fear mobile payments, because what will happen if I lose my phone? Can someone rise my bill to thousands of pounds?

That’s not the case here – because of the limit. It’s also possible to block your phone quickly, so the biggest you could lose is £30.

What’s more, you can allow your children to play with your phone (not in casinos, naturally!), and you don’t have to worry about the bill that much.

Quick and easy payments

The thing about Boku is that no matter where you are, you can have a little fun.

Is it a long trip? A boring wait? A Boku Casino 2020 allows you to access full features of it just with the phone.

Then, if you need to top-up your balance, head to the cashier and choose Boku. Confirm the transaction, and you are ready to go. It’s just a few steps we cover in-details below.

The convenience coming from Boku allows you to be always ready for a little action – if you feel bored.

Be responsible when it comes to gaming, and have fun anywhere you want!

How to pay with Boku?

Follow these steps to top-up your balance in a Boku Casino 2020:

  1. Enter the cashier, and choose Boku pay by phone.
  2. Enter your mobile number and the amount to pay. Check again if all the info is correct.
  3. You will receive a confirmation SMS. Respond “Y” to authorise the payment.
  4. Enjoy!

Doesn’t look so hard?

For some, the confirmation with an SMS might seem confusing. Once you pay once, though, it’s all clear.

There’s nothing smoother than playing in a Boku Casino 2020, and we hope soon you will experience it!

Are there any cons of Boku pay by phone?

Naturally, everything has its pros and cons. Are there any downsides to playing Boku Casino 2020?

In Boku pay by phone – there are no significant cons. And there are entirely no drawbacks in playing a Boku Casino 2020.

There might be some points, though, that are not desired by specific players.


An example might be the daily spending limit; you can pay a max. of £30 a day.

For high rollers in Boku Casino 2020, the amount is way too small. However, you can ask Boku support for a more upper limit. That, however, still won’t allow you to make very big deposits.

Boku also cannot be used as a withdrawal method. It’s entirely understandable – no mobile payments allow you to store money from other sources than the telecommunication operator.

Finally, there might be a Boku Casino 2020 that includes a fee for Boku. But it’s instead a con of the casino, rather than the payment method that cannot control if the merchant includes the charge on its side or not.

So, where to find the best Boku Casino 2020?

As you might imagine, our website is the place to go when it comes to finding the best Boku Casino 2020.

Our batteries are full for 2020, and we’re going to bring you all the best choices during this year and even beyond it!


Our staff is experienced in Boku Casinos. We keep most of the sites on the market in our heads, even! We are aware of every nuance each casino has, and which might affect your experience there.

Therefore, you can count on us to bring you only the best of the best picks.

However, you also need to know your preferences well – because there is simply no Boku Casino that would suit everyone’s taste.

Casino usually excels at a few things, so if you are a table games fan and it doesn’t provide tons of these games, you might be disappointed even if this particular Boku Casino is among the best.

What bonuses can I find in Boku Casino 2020?

It’s perhaps the most favourite readers’ part in each of our articles.

In this section, you will learn about the range of bonuses and promotions you can find in a good Boku Casino 2020.

So, let’s start!

First of all – Welcome Offers

Those deals have a common phrases choice that is nearly the same on each site. It allows you to quickly recognise all the profits you are going to have in a Boku Casino. An example might be this:

  • 100% match bonus up to £100 + 100 Bonus Spins.

The match bonus is also often referred to as “reload bonus”.

This type of promotion in a Boku Casino 2020 gives you additional money called “bonus money”. How much? It’s based on the percentage, so it’s 100% of your deposit amount in this case. If you deposit £30, you will have £30 of real money balance, and £30 of bonus balance. However, if you deposit £150, then you will have £150 of real money balance and £100 of bonus money balance. That’s because £100 is the max. of bonus you can receive from the example offer above.

Rarely, there are no-deposit bonuses in Boku Casino 2020. They can get you the same rewards, but the difference is that you don’t need to deposit to get them. Just register and enjoy!

The Extra Spins or Bonus Spins are free games on a video slot chosen by the casino. The money you get from extra spins is going to the bonus balance unless the bonus spins are “wager free” spins.


If wagering is a new term for you, then check out the section below which covers this topic fully!

As a word of summary for the welcome bonuses – there is rarely a situation when they are different.

However, we are aware of such examples where things are different – for instance; some casinos create their games you play for free when entering the casino. Then, your welcome bonus is going to be what you roll on some fortune wheel, etc.

That would be all regarding welcome bonuses.

Boku Casino 2020 Promotions

The Welcome Bonuses are great deals – because they are a one-time only thing.

After that, though, the action doesn’t stop.

The amount and types of promos depend entirely on a particular Casino.

Some websites have even no promotions, while others have a ton of them.

You might also recognise the sites where the special deals don’t ever change. And there are those websites, where each month, or even a week, there are new amazing things to try.

Check this out:

In order to let you see all the kinds of promotions in a clear way, we list them below:

  • Match Bonuses and Extra Spins – To start with, we bring the same kind of a deal you can see in a welcome bonus. It’s also because an average Boku Casino 2020 brings you such deals in promotions. Of course, most of the time you get either the match bonus or the bonus spins
  • Cashback Offers – That’s the first deal that’s actually different in Boku Casino. But it works just as you imagine. You receive a percentage of your net losses after playing during a specific That’s how it usually works, but you might encounter various terms, depending on the site.
  • Draw Prize Competitions – You might have a chance to win something big from a Boku Casino, and getting a ticket should be relatively easy. There are cash prizes, amazing trips around the world as well as other prizes!
  • Slots Tournaments – In a Boku Casino, those can look in a few different ways. It can be either that you spend a set amount and the players who won the most get the prizes. There are also tournaments when there is no fixed amount, so you can spend as much as you wish.

That’s the majority of promos you can find in a Boku Casino. Make sure to check special deals on a site often, so you don’t miss out on anything!

Bonus wagering requirements – what’s that?

The bonus money you get from a promotion in Boku Casino 2020 isn’t withdrawable. A website wants you to take risks with your balance before you can withdraw bonus funds.

In the terms and conditions of the bonus, you are going to see something along those lines:

  • Wagering requirement for the bonus is x35 the bonus amount.

What does it mean? In other words, wagering needs you to stake on the games in a Boku Casino until your overall stakes are equal to the wagering requirement amount.

Each Boku Casino will have different wagering requirement. In the example above, there is a lucrative (small) requirement. Then, the amount you need to wager is the bonus you’ve got times 35.


Let’s say you’ve deposited £10 and received another £10 as bonus funds. Then, in order to convert your bonus funds into real, withdrawable cash, you need to wager £350 in the Boku Casino 2020.

It might seem bad, but with more significant deposits, once you score a big win, it might be easy to finish the wagering and end up with profit.

There’s also an important notice:

Always carefully read the wagering requirements. What we cover is only a fraction of cases you might see among casinos. That’s because there is a lot of differences between sites when it comes to Bonus Terms.

Sticky and non-sticky bonuses

Sometimes, for example, the Boku Casino will merge your real and bonus balance on receiving a gift. Then, you won’t be able to withdraw anything unless you complete the wagering. Such bonuses are called sticky bonuses.

That approach isn’t favourable for the players. For that reason, a Boku Casino  will compensate by offering bigger amounts on bonus.

After that, there are non-sticky bonuses. These are regarded as better by the players. Your cash balance and bonus funds are separate. If you score a big hit with real money, you can withdraw the real balance at any time. Of course, you forfeit your bonus in this scenario.

Respecting Casino’s Terms is crucial

In order to have a responsible experience at the casino, and to avoid losing your funds or a win, you need to remember to respect all the Boku Casino 2020 Terms & Conditions.

It’s a point often overlooked because it sounds like a truism. However, we strongly advise reading everything on the Bonus Terms pages and learning the essential parts of Terms and Conditions of the new Boku Casino you are playing on.


We want to help you as much as we can in understanding how an average Boku Casino works.

Because we are experts, we know well some of the points players often overlook. We are happy to bring you the most common terms players forget about.

  • One account per person – Each casino has this rule, but players still sometimes fail to remember about it. Make sure you haven’t done an account on your website long ago and forgot about it.
  • The max. bet rule – It’s often the case that when wagering the bonus, you cannot exceed a specific bet amount. Else, you lose your bonus.
  • Prohibited games with Bonus – Sometimes in a Boku Casino, you cannot play specific games during the bonus wagering.

These are some most common examples of points players forget about when playing in a Boku Casino.

However, in no way that should show you how to act on your website. Each site is different, make sure to read its terms thoroughly.

The range of gaming activities in Boku Casino 2020

At this point, you might ask yourself – what do I find in a Boku Casino?

The answer is – mostly video slots. However, the truth is much more complicated.

In fact you can find:

  • video slots,
  • jackpots,
  • sports betting,
  • video Poker,
  • live casino,
  • Baccarat,
  • Blackjack,
  • Roulette,
  • other table games,
  • scratchcards,
  • Keno,
  • Bingo,
  • Virtual Sports.

Have you noticed we hadn’t mentioned real Poker? Sadly, that’s true; nearly no Boku Casino sites include real Poker experience. A Boku Casino 2020 focuses in the EU market, since the Boku deposit is available to UK customers. In Europe, Poker isn’t as famous as on the other parts of the world. For this reason, there is probably no Boku Casino that would include real Poker with other players.

When it comes to sports betting and video slots, we’ve prepared great two sections about them below.

The table games in a Boku Casino work in two ways – they are either virtual (digital) or live.

Digital table games are pretty straightforward – there is a virtual game where you play with an AI.

When it comes live tables, sound and video are streamed from a real casino with an actual host or croupier. It’s much more appealing for the customers in Boku Casino. For instance, you can engage in small talk with the host. What’s more, it’s all fully available on mobile. The best and the most prominent providers for the live casino are Evolution and NetEnt.

The remaining games in a Boku Casino also bring you excellent fun. Scratchcards are simple games, which are perfect just for relaxing. Not only is scratching somehow entertaining, but it’s also super easy. You don’t need to know any rules!

The best Boku Casino 2020 slots to play?

Are you a slots fan or you are just becoming one? Because we are having super-fun with slots.

What’s more, we’re ready to share some of our experience with you.

The thing about video slots is that there is a perfect balance between the level of player’s engagement to the game, the ease of use and graphical beauty.

In other words, video slots are easy to play, but sometimes you need to do more than click “spin”. And the best slots look simply stunning!

So, what do we recommend?

To start with, there are so many slots; we outright know we will be wrong. There are so many tastes, someone will surely not like our picks. But we believe at least some players in Boku Casino 2020 will enjoy what we do.

Some of the best games to try first

Let’s see:

  • Starburst (low volatilty),
  • Jamming Jars (high vol.),
  • Peking Luck (high vol.),
  • Mega Joker (high vol.),
  • Extra Chilli (high vol.),
  • Book of Dead (high vol.),
  • Hotline (low vol.),
  • Viking Clash (medium vol.),
  • Spinal Tap (medium to high vol.),
  • Genie Jackpots (medium vol.).

Just a few examples, but have in mind there are so much more exciting and even better games to discover! A Boku Casino will have easily over 1000 games to play!

Why do we note the volatility of the games?

In general, you are okay playing any slot in Boku Casino.

However, it’s good to know that low volatility games are often seen as balance keepers. That’s because you usually win on such games, so long streak of losses is going to happen less likely. For that reason, it might be sometimes useful to play them in a Boku Casino when wagering a bonus.

When it comes to high volatility games, you might not win anything substantial in a long time, until you score an insanely big win!

Finally, a few gaming software providers we recommend to check out in a Boku Casino:

  • Blueprint,
  • NetEnt,
  • Yggdrasil,
  • Pragmatic,
  • PlayN’Go,
  • Push Gaming,
  • Microgaming,
  • Big Time Gaming.

Have fun and the biggest wins!

Sports Betting in a Boku Casino 2020

Although in not every Boku Casino 2020 you will find the sports betting section, some of the websites include it.

If you are a sports betting fan, then, choosing Boku Casino deposit method might not be a bad idea.

All in all, sometimes you just party with friends because of a big sporting event, and you want to bet to increase the excitement from watching. That’s a healthy approach to gambling in a Boku Casino2020 – seeing it as entertainment is crucial.

With Boku Casino, you can bet in a matter of seconds, even if you have no funds on balance. You already know how easy it is to deposits.

And the best thing:

Sports Betting isn’t worse in any way from other sportsbook sites. Therefore, as you access such site, expect full coverage of your favourite events.

A Boku Casino that includes sportsbook will have easily about 100 disciplines to bet on. There are also additional, special features and promotions you might expect from the biggest sports betting sites.

All in all, betting on sports in a Boku Casino 2020 might be even better than joining a regular sportsbook.

Responsible Gambling

Where there are real money involved, there is always the risk.

First of all, to have a safe time when playing, choose a casino that is reliable, trustworthy, and which supports responsible gambling.

Naturally, each Boku Casino you can find on our site will meet these requirements.

It’s also crucial to follow the responsible gambling guidelines in order to maintain a proper approach to gambling.

Let’s see some points that are worth to follow:

  • Don’t treat gambling as a way to make money, look at it only as an entertainment.
  • Don’t make decisions under the emotions influence. When gambling stops being just fun for you, stop playing.
  • Control your spendings; set yourself limits.
  • Make sure that you have other hobbies in free time.
  • Don’t chase your losses.
  • Make sure you control the amount of time you spend on gambling sessions.

If in some way gambling influences your private life, it’s no shame to seek help.

It’s good to ask the casino support to find out more information regarding issues with gambling.

Each Casino will have a professional customer service that will best guide you what to do next, based on your situation.