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Boku Sports Betting

The sports betting is more of skill-based gambling. It has a long tradition, and it continually grows in popularity. And as other forms of gambling include mobile payment, so we expect the Boku sports betting to show up soon. Currently, some sports betting sites adopt pay by phone methods. However, it’s rare to see betting sites Boku presently. But don’t worry! We regularly update the list of them as soon as they show up.

Why chose Boku sports betting sites? It is a great convenience to the players, as it enables you the deposit with phone bill funds. The Betting sites Boku are safe, quick to use, and fun to play. You may be familiar with sports betting. If so, head to our guide about Boku below!

What Is The Sports Betting About?

boku sports bettingWe imagine that there may be some people who do not know about the details of sports betting. But it’s as simple as it sounds! You deposit like in a casino, you choose the amount, then you pick the outcome of the event, and bet the money on it! See, the basic of gambling is still there. You bet the money on the result that is random to some extent.

However, sports betting outcomes are not entirely random. Each result of the event has different chances of happening. The possibilities are displayed as odds. The most popular odds are shown in decimals. They may look like that: 1.90 – 1.90. The chances are even. But wait, if I bet £10 with 50% chances to win, why won’t I win twice the stake? The odds for even events aren’t 2.00-2.00, because the sportsbook wouldn’t earn money that way. Boku sports betting sites earn cash from vagorish, which is precisely that. Think of it as a fee of the betting sites Boku that you pay for each bet.

Sports betting has much more to it, but of course, we won’t cover all topics here. For example, you may bet in many different ways. It can be a single bet or multi bet. Multi bet (or acca bet) creates a betting slip with more bets than one. You can bet on 5 events (up to 15) at once and have their odds accumulated, so they pay much more than if you would make a single bet on each. However, there is a big catch – all the stakes must be won by you to get any money.

Boku Pay By Phone

The most significant part about Boku sports betting is, of course, the payment method. What unique things it has it’s so popular? Well, people are attracted by money, so we guess that one plays the most significant role. The fact is that Boku is often the most beneficial choice. It carries zero fees for the transactions, and you can pay with your phone funds. There are probably thousands of people that have nothing to do with their phone bill funds. Therefore, why not make use of it? That’s why we think soon more Boku sports betting sites will join the casinos in allowing this method.

Let’s start at the beginning. Boku pay by phone is a payment option that uses your phone funds. Sadly, it’s available only in the UK. It was founded in 2009, and since then it provides services to people from all around the world. In the UK, for Boku pay by phone service, it uses the Payforit scheme of payments. If you are from this country, you may be familiar with it. Payforit is also a payment method; it was created as cooperation from the largest mobile providers in the UK. You can read about it more on Payforit official site.

What does it mean to us? Boku pay by phone is not only profitable with its lack of fees. It’s also entirely safe to use for Boku sports betting. Firstly, it has a well-known, regulated payment scheme. It has 9 years of experience. The entire process only uses your phone number to make the payment. You needn’t provide any of your details. You are completely anonymous. Moreover, the transaction details that appear on your monthly bill leave only the amount of transaction for Boku. What’s more, Boku has a default limit that’s £30 daily. It protects you from accidentally making huge payments or in case of losing your phone. Moreover, it’s a safe limit for responsible gambling. And finally, on top of all these security measures, you also can contact the customer service at any time.

Why is the fact Boku sports betting is anonymous so important? Well, it’s often the case that banks refuse the mortgage application or credit to people that have gambling activities on their account. That’s why using any deposit methods that use your bank may not be the best idea. Of course, it’s hard to withdraw somewhere else, but it’s still possible. However, Boku doesn’t support withdrawals.

How to pay with Boku? Do these 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose Boku pay by phone method.
  2. Enter the amount and your mobile number.
  3. You will receive an SMS. Respond “Y” to confirm. The response has no additional cost.